"It takes more than
     staying in the saddle
     to make a good

     it is a prerequisite."



If the help you are looking for isn't listed below, give me a call and let me know what you have in mind (or what you are dealing with as the case may be!) Better to seek help before the horse gets scared/confused and you get hurt.

PRIVATE COACHING: I find being creative helping someone learn and understand what they desire to accomplish with their horse makes all the difference between doing something because, 'that's what the teacher said to do' and understanding from the horse's point of view.

I really enjoy using my years of experience working with horses and humans to tailor my presentation to each particular person and horse. Whether a one time session or on a regular schedule, this is the ultimate learning opportunity. Questions always welcome.

GROUP LESSONS: Riding regularly with a group not only allows a less costly alternative to private coaching, but also gives the opportunity to benefit from other's questions and comments regarding what is being presented. There is much to be learned by observing how different riders and horses might be  encouraged in different ways to accomplish the same things. Often participants also take occasional private sessions.

TRAINING: Most trainers do not ride or work with horses who are not in their care, custody and control. One reason for this is that how a horse lives, how he's approached, haltered etc. effects his other behavior, including what he learns. Other influence can give the trainer false signals about the success, failure and progress of the last session(s). And there can be a dangerous component as well. I am willing to work with and ride horses who 'live at home' where others are handling them. Sometimes people needing help cannot afford full training and I know my influence can be a positive for horse and rider. However, the best way for me to help a horse is to work with him exclusively (i.e. full training) and then begin working with horse and human together when the time is right.

ClINICS: I offer both 1 day and 2 day clinics for groups of between 8 and 15 riders. Basic horsemanship through advanced depending on the group. if you are interested in organizing a clinic in your area, please give me a call.

SPECIAL PROBLEMS: Call and let me know what is going on and we can discuss how best to approach what needs to be changed.

email: bonnies@cruzio.com or click here

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