"It takes more than
     staying in the saddle
     to make a good

     it is a prerequisite."



Bonnie is an amazing horsewoman! She first worked with my horse at a Buck Brannaman clinic. I was watching her work with him and I couldn't believe what was happening...it was nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you Bonnie for all you do for our horses and to teach us how to connect and communicate with them.

- Claudia Logan 
Claduia with Nikko Bonnie and Buck
Claudia, Nikko, Bonnie & Buck

Mimi and Golden
Mimi and Golden Fawn
Before meeting Bonnie, I rode in a clinic with Buck Brannaman. I asked him if there was anyone in the bay area that I could continue to learn from. He recommended Bonnie Stoehn.
Since I live in Santa Clara and she's in Santa Cruz that means driving over Hwy 17. So I asked, "Isn't there anyone south of San Jose, like Gilroy or some place?" Nope. Bonnie was the best. He was solid in his recommendation.

I've been working with Bonnie for about 12 years now. I can honestly say that without her help I wouldn't be able to ride my horse, Golden Fawn.
Golden is so sensitive and had so much bad handling that I’m convinced that any other trainer and other way of working with a horse, would not have worked for her. Since that time, with Bonnie's guidance, Golden and I keep improving together. Bonnie is always encouraging me to try new things that improve my skills and understanding.

 - Mimi Gardner

Riding with Bonnie opened me up to an entirely different way of communicating with my horse. Based in subtlety, finesse and feel my horse became lighter and much more responsive. After what I've experienced with Bonnie and then Buck I've made the pursuit of this style of horsemanship a priority in my life.

- Jordan Stanton


Cynthia and Zip
Cynthia and Zip

I have worked with Bonnie several times with my QH "Zip." Bonnie is a great teacher and has given me so many great pointers from the proper way to tack up, ground work and riding. I love working with Bonnie and can highly recommend her for training your horse and working with you to achieve your goals.

- Cynthia Buseo

When I first got Bobalu (an Arab) he had been a lesson horse and had had many riders yanking and kicking on him for quite some time so he was really shut down.  When I got him he did what he thought he was supposed to do but with very little thinking involved. Once we started to work with Bonnie on ground work and he was given the opportunity to "choose" right from wrong he completely blossomed! 

He used to be very nervous and always seemed to be "looking for an out." Now, he is always the most calm, cool and collected guy on the trail and really enjoys getting to figure stuff out on his own! 

In working with Bonnie, I also gained so much! I put so much more thought into how and why I am working with Bobalu and how my behavior impacts him. I am much more confidant dealing with new situations because I believe in him and our relationship! Nothing is too scary for us to try now!!!!

Audra and BobaluAudra and Bobalu

The thing I really liked in working with Bonnie is she worked with me and she worked with Bobablu. With most lessons the trainer is telling you what to do while you are on the horse and sometimes you or the horse just can't figure it out so the time is lost and there is frustration. When either Bobalu or I couldn't figure it out, Bonnie would get on Bobalu to either show me or help him. That was SO HELPFUL and rare - most times you either get a horse trainer or a people trainer, but not both!

- Audra Soltis

Bonnie is a wonderful teacher.  I have come so far in such a short time. Before I started working with Bonnie, I had come off a few times, and I had totally lost my confidence. I almost gave up riding completely. Bonnie has been helping me to regain my confidence, so that I can work with, and ride, any horse. Bonnie is also very patient with both horses and people, and she is very kind. I feel so much more confident since I have been working with Bonnie! I also now feel that I have a connection with my mare and I can understand the horse's reactions better. People told me to send my mare to the glue factory because she was so hyper and reactive, but now, my mare is a great horse. My mare is so much more calm than she used to be, and she enjoys her work and focuses a lot better. I really feel that I am communicating effectively with my mare, and I am also trying out some of the things I have learned with Bonnie on other horses, and so the knowledge transfers! It's amazing. I feel like a real horseperson. I hope that one day I can be as good a horseperson as Bonnie.

- J.S., Woodside, CA