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Welcome to my Thinking Horsemanship web site. I hope you find it helpful.

Thinking Horsemanship is just that: putting thought into what you ask of your horse in a way that encourages him to think and make the right decisions i.e. set it up so your idea becomes his idea and he does what you have in mind.

When your horse acts out of fear, confusion, or he takes over, the situation can become not only frustrating but potentially dangerous. The use of force and violence makes things worse... and it's a far cry from the partnership most of us aspire to.

Without the horse and/or rider having a good solid education, things can teeter on the edge of being out of control. And people are risking their lives getting on troubled horses hoping they won't get hurt! Or are frustrated they can't get their horse to do what they want.

My work is helping horses gain the education (training) they need to be safely ridden and to progressively become more advanced under saddle. Of course the horse can only understand what is required of him if the rider has the skills to communicate clearly.

I also offer lessons, private coaching and clinics. Education for both horse and rider. English or western. Beginner or advanced. Colt or experienced mount. One time session or regular lessons/training.

Happy to consult with you in having the partnership you desire with your horse.
Thank you for visiting the site.

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